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Procrastination arises from activities we deem as chores that seem mundane and we feel like we are just not motivated to complete them. These activities can range from simple tasks such as mowing the lawn to major tasks such as completing work before the deadline. The real effects of procrastination are then felt after some time. The work piles up and becomes overwhelming to handle on time. This book recognises that procrastination can cause serious setbacks in your life and sets out to find unique ways of dealing with procrastination.In this book you will learn the things that lead to procrastination so you can avoid them from the onset. There are different types of procrastination that affect us in all areas of our life. Even after finding out you suffer from procrastination you may find that everything you are trying to overcome procrastination is not working. This book has permanent solutions for all the types of procrastination. You will then notice the huge difference in your life after following the guide within the book to get rid of procrastination. Some of the benefits of these solutions include reduced insomnia, ability to meet deadlines, working smart and learning how to prioritise tasks so you are never lagging behind.This book covers all the sides of procrastination from the onset to where it becomes difficult to concentrate on current tasks until it extends to your personal life. Procrastination can bring your life to a standstill as you are no longer able to find the fulfilment in life that you get from getting things done. You will get to learn:• How to recognise procrastination• Where procrastination comes from• What the causes of procrastination are• The levels of procrastination and how serious they are• Getting over procrastination forever

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